Thursday, 10 October 2013

 I have purchased many and I mean many programs related to mind secrets and power, law of attraction and many more. I really enjoyed the Mind Secrets Exposed, especially when they have released the audio book which I prefer over reading PDFs.
Anyway, unless you are open-minded person, this might not help to your life, however, since you ended up on this site, I supposed you do believe in this stuff. There is a saying “Whatever you believe, you can achieve” so, if you doubt yourself, even this program may not help you. So please turn your brains to believe in mind power and all the subconsciousness before you read this unbiased Mind Secrets Exposed review!

So, what the hell is Mind Secrets Exposed program?

It’s not exactly a program, just a PDF file of around 150 pages content that will blow you away! Yes, they also have audio book which I am listening to the 3rd time while I am writing this review. Yes, it is so powerful and awesome that I am literally listening 3rd time in a period of 2 weeks!
So, this is a book which has a lot of content all about mind secrets and all. It is also highly related to the law of attraction which actually works! This eBook has 18 chapters which I am going briefly describe:
  • Chapter 1: The secrets within – this is the first part of the book which explains what the hell is mind and how it works and what not.
  • Chapter 2: Two sides of the same coins – this part explains how thinking can affect positively and negatively also. It is a must to read before you think in the wrong way. Don’t worry, this is not that hard after all ;)
  • Chapter 3: The miracles of the mind – here Alvin and Greg talk about how mind power has helped several individuals with their lives, businesses and even health! It’s true that it will help you in any way as long as you think with the mind, not against the mind ;)
  • Chapter 4: Early healing techniques – in this chapter you can learn how people used to heal themselves in ancient times.
  • Chapter 5: Modern subconsciousness mind healing – in this chapter you will learn how you can heal yourself using … what? Your mind? Yup, it works if you put the right thoughts into it. You will learn here.
  • Chapter 6: Praying is a science – while I am not religious person at all, this was not exactly related to my beliefs however I find it interesting as long as I put my “higher me” instead of God. Or something like that which I picked up from Buddhism (no, I am not Buddhist either).
  • Chapter 7: The subconsciousness nature of self-development – in this chapter you will learn how your mind affects you and how you can learn or master just about anything you desire but once again, as long as you ut the right mind into it.
  • Chapter 8: Achieving results and positive outcomes – here you can learn further how to enhance your subconsciousness in order to achieve whatever you desire. It is not easy unless you put the right thoughts into your mind but once you learn how to do it you will achieve anything with ease!
  • Chapter 9: Programming your subconscious for wealth creation – how to gain this habit and mentality so you don’t even need to constantly “think” about things you want, you just get them.
  • Chapter 10: To Be Rich – you heard that the money is root of all evils? Well, this is explained how wrong it can be. It can be right as well.
  • Chapter 11: The subconscious – your companion to success – you shouldn’t do things you don’t like – it makes you angry and what not. In this chapter you shall learn how to do things you love and gain success!
  • Chapter 12: The genius and the subconscious mind – you want to know something or solve a problem you are having? Tap into infinite source of everything. It will help you with just about anything you are having problems with!
  • Chapter 13: Sleep – it will explain how sleep is important! Not only that it makes you refreshed but sleep will heal you if you allow it! Just read more about this amazing phenomenon and secrets of sleep!
  • Chapter 14: The subconscious mind and relationships – here you will learn how important it is to get married with someone who loves YOU, not your money. It works same way for you too. You shouldn’t marry someone for money.
  • Chapter 15: The key to everlasting happiness – in this chapter you find out how to be happy for all the time – the techniques and methods you can use to be happy no matter what universe throws at you.
  • Chapter 16: Developing harmonious human relationships – it’s all about the importance of marriage and how marrying someone you actually love (and wise-verse) is so much better than marrying someone because of her/his look or riches. You will also learn how to attract that special one.
  • Chapter 17: Learn the art of forgiveness – if you cannot learn to forgive someone then when you see that someone will take your good feelings away which will never be a good thing for being healthy and wealthy. Forgiving someone is a sole skill you need to master before you can master your fate. More details about this is in this chapter.
  • Chapter 18: Conquering mental obstacles – mental obstacles such as “I don’t know if I can do it” or “… but they said I wouldn’t be able to do it” are nothing but mental obstacles which need to be dealt with mentally. That means you will need to learn a new way of thinking which is really easy if you persist. Learn more in this chapter.
  • Final words – final words just summarize everything we learned.
Alright, there is a lot of reading in this book. What I did I got this audiobook (it’s free, comes with the purchase) and I am listening to this stuff while I work.

My own story:

While this happened not entirely because of this eBook, it is truly related to what I’ve learned in the past related to mind power and law of attraction. I was really desiring to get more money so I can at least enjoy while I live during hard times. In these times, all you hear is economic crisis everywhere, businesses shutting down, more and more people getting into debt and what not. I wanted a business that would at least pay my rental costs and take care of my tuition and other general bills (phone, TV, internet, etc …). So here I was a few weeks later, starting my own business which was making me a descent amount of money – as much as $15,000/mo.
When I was making this kind of money, I kinda … became greedy … in a bad way. I really spent a lot of money on things I didn’t need and my thoughts were “Alright, I am going to make as much money as I can from this as long as it works“. Now here was the thing – I was constantly thinking about making money while putting doubts about long-term sustainable service I was providing. Just because I was thinking “…as long as it works”, I was putting a thought subconsciously that it would burn sometime so I was trying to make as much money as I could while it worked. Unfortunately, it burnt. So I rebuilt my business another 2 times which also burnt. Since I knew that law of attraction truly worked, I started researching more about this matter and why, even though it works, it fails also. Now I understand what happened. I know I am not making as much as I did before, I am not really caring about money anymore … what I care about is wealth. Wealth is not necessary money and riches! Wealth is having financial securitygood healthgood relationship with family, wife, friends and being spiritually strong. In other words – enjoying your life. Now I really apply this saying by Dalai Lama “It’s funny how people sacrifice their health for work to make more money and then spend their money on their health”. It might not be exact words but the meaning is the same.

So, how can Mind Secrets Exposed help you?

First of all, you shouldn’t care about becoming rich. If you start thinking about money, this feeling of being rich may overwhelm you, make you worse person, make you not care about anything else in life but money. I know, I’ve been there before. I am lucky that I am not this kind of person anymore. And that is thanks to Mind Secrets Exposed!
Let’s say you care about money and money all there is for you. When you become rich and I can tell you from my own experience, you will become a different person. Riches will change you! They will make you greedier than you are. Once you have lots of money, you will start buying things you love and things you don’t need. Yup! Trust me, you will be buying stuff you don’t need! You will think that you might need it in the future so you buy it now in case you lose your money (which is negative thing to think and it will be more powerful than thinking positively). You may start ditching your business which in turn, start getting worse and bringing in less and less revenues … there can be many different situation and finally, your business dies. Then you won’t know what to do because you have spent most of your savings for things you probably don’t know what to do with. You will become very angry (which is another negative feeling). This will overwhelm you and you might do stupid things you wouldn’t do otherwise (I will let your imagination work here).
Instead, you shall thing about wealth and spirituality (after all, it is all there is to become a person enjoying one’s life), healthhappiness, etc … so, I would really suggest getting this program which will teach you how exactly become much better person in everything.

Things I didn’t like in this program:

The PDF and content is awesome however, when listening you get this monotonic voice which does sound as if robot was speaking. I don’t know if that is true but the voice kinda … makes youmore tired. It wasn’t really a big problem. Also, another thing I didn’t like was the fact that they used God in the content. Since I am more of a Buddhist (I am not really but I prefer their way of thinking), I just replaced God with “higher myself“. These are all the problem I had with the program, everything else is just perfect.

So, who is this program NOT for?

Alright, people who don’t think there is such power as mind power and law of attraction may change their mind after reading or hearing this program, however, if you know that there isnothing that would change the way you think, probably there isn’t.
People who critique all the time may not find this eBook working since all they do is look for bad things about product …
People who do not take action may never find wealthiness in their lives. You NEED to take actions towards your happiness, there is no such magic “thought” that will make you rich overnight.

My final words about Mind Secrets Exposed

While this program is excellent as is, people tend to think that such programs can make themrich overnight. While there might be a case or two which are very rare, you need to take action. You need to be persistent and patience and as long as you keep following the instruction (the way you think about everything), you will find your luck one day!
Now why not take your first action and purchase this program? So you can start following thepath to your wealth!

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