Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Meditate So You Can Elevate your Soul 2017 LEARN AND GROW!

For thousands of years all throughout the planet, mantras have been used to quiet the mind, experience inner stillness, promote the development of virtues like empathy, and experience “God.”

Mantras, although simple words and sounds repeated over and over again, are immensely powerful in their ability to raise our consciousness. Not only are words and sounds a manifestation of energy vibrating at different frequencies, but they are also imbued with centuries of meaning. In fact, mantras and chants are so ancient that they are said to be over 3,000 years

If you would like to welcome the mystical influence of meditation mantras into your life, please take some time to consider what you need the most in your life right now. Do you need more love and empathy? Or perhaps you need to invite self-acceptance and forgiveness into your life.

Sunday, 4 June 2017


When addressing the interstellar problem, the immediate issue
that comes up is distance. Because transit time is proportional to distance, the only way one can get to the distance stars in a short duration time is to go fast. This then leads to the most important problem associated with interstellar travel – propulsion. What any propulsion system aims to achieve is high exhaust velocity (high specific impulse) energy release so as to lead to a high velocity of the spacecraft. This will then allow for moderate to high acceleration, a reasonable cruise duration of order decades and perhaps reaching the nearby stars within a human life.

Current chemical propulsion systems such as used on the Saturn V rocket or the Space Shuttle simply do not release enough energy to address the problem. Hence designers are driven to more exotic fuels. Electric, Nuclear Electric and Nuclear Thermal propulsion systems do offer performances capable of sending probes to the entire system and beyond, perhaps as far as the Oort cloud. But such spacecraft would have to carry low mass science payloads and would not be capable of interstellar travel. Fusion propulsion does offer this potential, due to the energetic fuel performance, and may enable missions to the nearest stars within decades.

If a Bussard Ramjet system could be built, then the fuel could be collected en route and relativistic speeds may even be possible – but there are several technical problems with making the interstellar ramjet work, including the increased drag as the spacecraft travels through the interstellar medium.

Antimatter based fuels also offer such potential, but the technology readiness of antimatter based manufacturing facilities is very low and there are many containment issues that must be addressed when handling anti-particles.

One way around the interstellar propulsion issue (e.g. the need to carry a reaction mass) is to leave the fuel source at home. This is the method proposed for schemes like the solar sail which use the photons of starlight to propel a spacecraft on its interstellar journey. However, because starlight falls off to the inverse squared with distance from the source, eventually the intensity of this starlight will drop off and no further acceleration of the sail will be possible. A laser-drive sail system gets around this problem by deploying a giant laser in orbit around the Sun, sending the intense narrow monochromatic beam towards the sail which can (in theory) be sustained indefinitely using giant Fresnel lenses. Another alternative is to use a microwave beaming system.

More exotic ideas for getting to the nearest stars throw away the need to carry a reaction mass altogether. So called ‘Space Drive’ concepts will engineer the quantum vacuum energy of space itself.

Another alternative is known as the ‘warp Drive’ and so beloved of science fiction fans, manipulates the gravitational fields of space to collapse and expand the distances between the spacecraft and any distant targets. The existence of collapsed gravitational fields could also be utilised in the form of ‘Black Holes’, ‘Worm Holes’ and ‘White Holes’ , which derive from dying stars. If it were possible for a spacecraft to traverse these intense gravity wells and survive the trip then any location in the Universe could be reached within minutes to hours. Anyone entering the subject of interstellar travel soon learns that there is no shortage of ideas – what distinguishes all the ideas is credible engineering assessments using the known laws of physics.

As well as propulsion, interstellar travel presents many other technical challenges for spacecraft designers. This includes long distance communications using high gain antenna systems or optical lasers. Another problem is the bombardment of interstellar dust onto the frontal area of the spacecraft, the impact kinetic energy for which increases the faster the spacecraft is travelling. Long distance navigation is also an issue, with instruments having to make high precision parallax measurements on distance star systems in order to carefully navigate its way safely to its target. The larger the mass of the vehicle, the more propellant will be required so there is a design driver to maintain a low mass science payload.

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Sunday, 16 February 2014

Double Your Brainpower & Double Your Creativity!!

When people think of exercising it often involves physical exertion to strengthen muscles. The human brain is also an important "muscle" in the body and with the right brain training and brain exercises you can help keep your mind fit, alert and ready to handle the rigors of a typical working day. Often brain exercises come in the form of games that help train the brain improve memory, strategize and think in advance. Some common forms of brain exercise include chess, memory games and mathematical problem solving.

Another way to exercise the brain is through brainwave entrainment. Isochronic tones are computer generated tones that are pulsed at specific frequencies to achieve desired effects such as productivity or relaxation. Although brainwave entrainment is not a new practice -- binaural beats have been used in brain training since the mid-1800's -- the use of computer generated isochronic tones has become more popular lately and are also proving to be more effective in helping people improve their memory and intelligence.

Unfortunately when most people stop formal schooling, either by achieving a degree or choosing to drop out, the study habits and brain training that was part of their daily schedule also ends. The memorization and critical thinking that helped get us through school shouldn't have to stop just because a specific goal has been reached. In fact, if you don't keep up with brain exercises your mind will become lazy and won't function in the as sharply as it used to.

Keeping the brain sharp requires exercise the same way muscles in the body require regular work outs to maintain a defined shape. The more you train your brain with brain exercises including strategy games, meditation and brainwave entrainment the better your memory, cognitive thinking and problem solving will be. We can't expect our brains to always operate at the highest levels possible, but we can take proactive steps to help improve our focus, retain information and prevent memory loss. The key to harnessing the power of your mind is to first understand it. Of course, as with most other physical aspects of reality, the subconscious mind does adhere to some rules and regulations. The mind has what is known as the ego defense mechanism. This mechanism works to protect you from emotional shocks and scars. It also can cause you harm if you don't know how to control it. Those of us who have suffered from tough relationship breakups have experienced the ego defense mechanism. The subconscious mind stores much of our memories, and it wants to hold on to the ones that made us feel good. So when we end a relationship with someone whom we hold good memories of, our minds go into overdrive compensating for the loss. But once we understand that our emotions are simply just messages we send to ourselves, we can start to learn to control what messages we send.
In addition to controlling emotions, we all hold secret mind power that can change our lives if we learn to harness it. That power can be described as mind control. We aren't referring to espionage or hypnosis, but rather the power to filter and control what goes into and comes out of our minds. Truly, mind control is more about the power of the will to change and shape the way we think and live our lives.
Mind Over Matter!

Tuesday, 22 October 2013


some experts have said that we actually only use about 10% of our minds' total potential. Imagine what would be like, then, if we could access the 90% of mind power that currently remains dormant. We could truly have incredible results. In fact, some scientists have long thought that those with so-called 'extrasensory' perception or psychic powers have these powers because they can actually access different parts of the brain that other people can't.
They may have been born with this extra mindpower, or they may have been able to develop this mind power later on. Thus it can be concluded that be it physical matter or be it an intangible matter, your mind has the power to influence all. Thus, with the power of positive thinking, concentration, energy, and affirmations one can achieve the highest forms of 'mind over matter' phenomenon and thereby live life in his own terms. Even though it's not fully understood what process is used in increased mind power, the latest advances in quantum physics are starting to reveal the link of what we think and what we actually experience that is real in life. Some studies even point towards the ability of our own minds to change reality. Our minds may be molded by the world less that they mold it, it seems.
By learning to control the power of the mind, you can gain the ability to influence the world around you and achieve just about anything you'd like.
Suppose that you want a new home. You spend a lot of time thinking about it in great detail, going so far as to visualize how you'll cultivate the back yard and the colors you'll paint every room in the house. You start expending effort into areas that will help you to achieve your goal (like working more so you can save up the down payment) and research how to get favorable mortgage terms.
As we get more and more obsessed with the idea, one fine morning we may find that we have reached our goal.
A house is up for sell and we must now reap the benefits of the all the energies spend in this direction and thus immediately seal the deal. This is something you can do; something everyone can do. Believe in the power of your mind and you can achieve anything set your mind on a small goal and work your way up to bigger and better things as you go.
You must have seen people who imagine themselves to be sick and then actually experience it.
Similarly people can imagine themselves well and miraculously recover. We do this kind of thing to ourselves all the time. For instance, when you wake up thinking that this is going to be 'one of those days'; and it turns out to be a bad day. This was no coincidence. Coincidences don't just happen -- they are made to happen by your subconscious mind. Science and its theories have proved time and again that our mind is a storehouse of immense possibilities. Quantum physics in this regard have showed us that at the sub atomic level there is no existence of matter and it is energy that exists everywhere at that level.
It also says that the presence of the energy is solely because of the observer which thus proves that mind being the observer is immensely powerful and can do magnificent things. While there are a few people who enjoy things such as ESP, telepathy, and psychic power, you don't have to take it that far. The way you use the subconscious mind can work for the smallest things in your life that needs to be changed. Need to eat healthier foods? Then you can train your mind to bring that positive aspect into your life.
Just keep in mind it works for everything. In a nut shell everything that we perceive through our senses does not actually exist.
There is nothing solid and everything is energy flowing around us in fact is created with the power of our mind.

The scope and possibility of the subconscious is far more immense than most people realize.
As a conclusion it can be said that being successful in manipulating ones subconscious not only helps in changing ones behaviour but is also a whole new gateway to a life full of wonder and adventure. Remember when Kevin Costner started hearing voices in the Field of Dreams movie? While his family was struggling to make ends meet, these voices were saying, 'If you build it they will come.
This subconscious mind power,has the ability to shape your future. It's a beautiful thing, the power of the fully harnessed mind. It has the power to heal, to transcend, to connect us to other people in the world, even to shape our futures. It's a beautiful thing that very few people see realized to their full potential.

Friday, 11 October 2013

SUPER power

we're going to be talking about the Law of Attraction and an advanced conceptualization of how it works and how you can really SUPER power it inside of your own life. So, I hope you are already familiar with the Law of Attraction. If not, I will break it down for you real quick.

If you have ever seen The Secret, this is a great place to go to learn this material.

The Law of Attraction is thus: like attracts like. It's also dependent on the fact that this is a vibrational universe.

Modern science has already proven that ninety-nine percent of all this stuff that we think is so solid is not. It's empty space. All these things that we think as solid are not. They are actually vibrating rapidly and phasing in and out of different dimensions of existence.

Without getting too heavily into quantum physics or any of those things, simply understand that this is a vibrational universe and that what appears to be solid is actually NOT.

Again, if you want some more clarification start learning the Law of Attraction with the movie called The Secret. It's a great place to start. It's where I started.

Vibrational Universe -- Where Like Attracts Like

Now, a way to gauge your vibration is to tune in to your emotions. The way you manifest with intention is by creating a visualization of the thing that you desire and creating the emotion of already having that thing.

What I mean is that if you want to create your dream house, you VISUALIZE it. You see it in your mind's eye and you start experiencing the vibration: the joy, happiness, content, feelings, and all the satisfaction that comes with that dream house.

The more you experience that vibration, the more you merge with that reality. The more you will attract that reality to you because you are becoming a frequency match for it -- a vibrational match for that existence.

That's how the Law of Attraction really works. It's through the power of our emotions to change our frequency.

You know this to be true as well because bad things are low frequency, low vibration. Good things -- happiness, joy, expression -- are an expansive high frequency and high vibration. It's why it feels good. It's why bad things feel bad.

We attract our frequency to us. Those are the Law of Attraction basics.

What I want to get into is an advanced conceptualization of the Law of Attraction as it pertains to yoga philosophy and separation.

In the philosophies and science of yoga, we are taught that everything is one. Everything is one consciousness. Everything is God. Everything is spirit. Everything is creative consciousness, whatever you may want to call it.

Now, this creative consciousness is a spark and ALIVE in us. We have the power to CHOOSE, the power to create.

The same consciousness exists in everything else -- the wall, floor, or camera. It's ALL consciousness. It's that we are actually sparked, alive creative consciousness that has the power to create.

The fact of the matter is everything is one, unified energy. Everything is energy. Everything is consciousness. It's ONE giant field.

The clearer you are and the more tapped into this reality you are, the more POWERFULLY you can manifest.

You are Joe, computer engineer, twenty-seven years old, brown hair, blue eyes, graduate from Yale -- the more you think you are that thing, the less powerfully you can create.

The more you understand that you are unified, merged, consciousness with infinite power, wisdom, and abundance, the more you can CREATE.

So, this is getting very far out there. Again, if you are only starting with the Law of Attraction, please go watch The Secret.

Do not get turned off to this stuff because I sound "out there". This is really to dive further with my own personal exploration. This stuff has CHANGED my life. I've been consciously creating my reality for over six years now and experiencing abundance in ALL areas as a result.

Again, if you are getting started and you are totally confused, go watch The Secret...

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Thursday, 10 October 2013

A Russian scientist has been studying the human energy field and is claiming that people can change the world simply by using their own energy. While this idea is not new, not too many have taken the time to scientifically go about proving such ideas -although the field of quantum physics has shed some powerful light on the topic over the years. Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, professor of physics at St. Petersburg State Technical University, states that when we think positive and negative thoughts, each have a different impact on our surrounding environment.

“We are developing the idea that our consciousness is part of the material world and that with our consciousness we can directly influence our world,” said Dr. Konstantin Korotkov.
We cannot see energy very easily with the human eye and thus the world of unseen energy can be difficult for the mind to grasp without scientific measurements to verify what is taking place. Perhaps this is why the study of consciousness affecting our reality has been virtually untouched for so long. To help create a bridge between our physical and unseen world, scientific experiments using a technique called bioelectrophotography are being carried out. In these experiments, an assumption must be made that states the human body and consciousness is constantly emitting energy. Following this assumption, Bioelectrophotography aims to capture these energy fields seen as a light around the body. In the metaphysical world this energy emission is known as a person’s aura, while in the scientific field, it is often refereed to as our energy field.

Meditate So You Can Elevate your Soul 2017 LEARN AND GROW!

For thousands of years all throughout the planet, mantras have been used to quiet the mind, experience inner stillness, promote the develop...